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Sabbadius Mostro Synthesizer Fuzz Modulator

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A significant fuzz pedal created using top-grade materials and silicon transistors. The Sabbadius Mostro Synthesizer Fuzz Modulator was designed and inspired by Dante Spinetta, who asked Nico if he could devise a pedal for his band, IKV, and said he wanted one that is capable of delivering an explosive fuzz sound yet very deformed. The Mostro Synthesizer Fuzz consists of Wah Wah Trick, Bias, Fuzz, and Synth Controller knobs, as well as a toggle switch that lets you select from Normal or Deform settings.

Brand: Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects


  • Features & Controls: Synth controller Main output Wah wah trick Bias Fuzz Switch to go from Deform or Normal settings Steel bar to protect the knob settings 100% all hand wired True Bypass!
  • There are some scratches in production
  • 9V Regulated Adaptor (Tip Negative)

Publisher: Sabbadius Custom Pedal

Details: A very special fuzz pedal designed using silicon transistors and high quality materials.

This pedal was designed and inspired by Dante Spinetta, singer and guitarist of Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas (IKV). Dante called Nico and ask if he could build a new pedal for his band, IKV and he wanted a pedal that could give off an explosive Fuzz sound but super deformed, well here it is, the “Mostro Synthesizer Fuzz”!

A circuit that will oscillate wildly and easily feedback, an unruling fuzz pedal built with silicon transistors. These silicon transistors are calibrated so that the sound is more like a germanium fuzz when you tune in the “Bias” potentiometer.

Wah Wah Trick:
Wah wah Trick, control makes the pedal function better when using a wah wah pedal in the chain. The Trick wah wah control allows you to clean the fuzz sound to give it a cleaner overdrive tone.

Bias Control:
This controls the voltage that goes to the transistors and thus allows the sound to change to a fuzz worn or drained battery.

Controls for the amount of saturation.

Synth Controller:
Control for the amount of oscillator.

Tap Deform:
This deforms the signal ± al, this button is “switchable” when in the position of Normal Mode it is normal soundind and when stepped just temporarily changes to Deform.

EAN: 4571461200170

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