Sabbadius Texas Red Fuzz

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The Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects Texas Red Fuzz pedal features selected silicon BC108 transistors. It is controllable using its three knobs—Wah Wah Trick, Output, and Fuzz. The Output knob manages the volume of the fuzz (the Texas Red Fuzz adds 20db more than old school analogical pedals without creating a mess of normal sounds) the sound resembles the tones used in the late 60s and early 70s. The Fuzz control is the amount of fuzz added to the sound, while the Wah Wah Trick combines the Wah Wah effect with the fuzz.

Brand: Sabbadius Custom Pedal Effects


  • Slicon transistprs
  • Color: Red Alive
  • 3PDT 100% TRUE BYPASS mecinical Switch
  • 9VDC negative center polarized 200ma ( BOSS type adapter)
  • size:120mm(L)×80mm(W)×40mm(H)

Publisher: Sabbadius Custom Pedal

Details: Custom hand built one at a time and tested for the best tonal production by Nicolas Sabbadin from Argentina

A fuzz pedal with selected silicon BC108 transistors. This effect has 3 controls which are Output, Fuzz and Wah Wah Trick. The Output control handles the volumn of the fuzz (this pedal adds 20db more than the traditional analogical pedals of fuzz without making a mess of understandable sounds) the sound resembles the tones used at the end of the 60´s and beginning of the 70´s. The other control called Fuzz is the amount of fuzz that is added to the sound, like a booster or wild fuzz, this control can also be manipulated by the control of the volume of the guitar.

The other control called Wah Wah trick is a control that adds the Wah Wah effect with the fuzz. In several models of fuzz with wah wah´s the wah wah effect cannot be used because it makes an ugly noise when the sweeping of the wah wah is used or the sound of the wah wah stays on.

With this control it is possible to switch the fuzz sound ahead or behind the wah wah, thus producing an original sound of wah wah and fuzz. This feature can be turned on or off for control giving sustain to the fuzz or to use it as to booster. It is an excellent pedal for bass, guitar, single, arpeggios etc…., and it’s able to obtain that Hendrix sound of ’69 and beginning of the 70´s. It says on the name of the pedal to use it or remove it to produce that Texas blues sound of Vaughan in the late 80´s.

• Color: Red Alive

EAN: 4571461200040

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