TC Helicon Singles VoiceTone E1

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TC Helicon

The VoiceTone E1 from TC Helicon is a one-button stompbox that serves up a range of compelling vocal echo effects in modern and vintage flavors. It features 13 wicked delay styles such as classic slap echo. Its straightforward three-knob design will get you up and running instantly. It gives you the iconic echo and slapback effects evocative of classic songs while placing effects control right at your feet. Designed and engineered in Canada, the VoiceTone E1 boasts sturdy, roadworthy construction.

Brand: TC-Helicon

Color: Black


  • Adds a wide range of echo effects for more depth in your vocals
  • Mic-Control offers remote on/off via TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone
  • Connects between your mic and mixer

Publisher: TC Helicon

Release Date: 11-01-2011

Details: VoiceTone E1 offers singers the signature echo and slapback effects that evoke classic songs while putting effects control at their feet. Now, high quality, immersive echo effects for the stage are no longer just for guitarists.

UPC: 750408410436

EAN: 133587602340

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