Tortuga Diamondback

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Tortuga Effects

Built to add grit and sustain to a tube amp, using Tortuga Effects’ Diamondback overdrive pedal is like giving your tube amp an extra drive channel. Use it with an amp that’s already in crunch mode to give your sound an extra shot of tight, top end heavy bite. You can also use the Diamondback to underdrive an already overdriven amp; even if your amp only has a high gain channel, you can still use the Diamondback to effectively get a clean channel.

Brand: Tortuga Effects


  • Internal 9v battery and external 9v power adaptor jack
  • 100% true bypass
  • Hand-made in a one-man shop in the USA

Details: From a gritty boost to a beautiful, singing overdrive, the Diamondback is a tube amp’s best friend. Designed specifically to go in front of a warm tube circuit, the Diamondback works with the tubes in your amp to produce shimmering grit and sustain. It’s almost like having another channel on your amp that you never noticed was there before. The Diamondback also has more top end and bite to complement warmer amps and humbucking guitars. Because of this, it works perfectly in front of an already crunchy amp to add a tight gain boost for rhythm or solos. With its 3 band EQ, you can dial the Diamondback in to blend seamlessly with your existing tone. Also, the Diamondback’s “Venom” and “Attack” volume and gain controls not only work to overdrive your tone by boosting the signal, they can be turned back to under-drive an already gained out amp to give you a controllable, rolled back clean tone. So, even a great, one channel, high gain amp can be turned into a 2 channel, tone monster.

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