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Vertex T Drive

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The T Drive by Vertex is a sonic simulation of the iconic Trainwreck Express amp with a highly sensitive pick attack and response. Rooted in the tradition of 60s and 70s British amps, Trainwrecks are known for their quick pick response and excellent dynamics from chimney Vox-esque cleans to towering Plexi overdrive. Vertex’s journey to craft the most precise Wreck-in-a-box has resulted in the innovative T Drive pedal, which features the harmonic complexity, dynamics, and voice-esque overtones evocative of the amp it was inspired by.

Brand: Vertex Effects

Color: T Drive Overdrive


  • Designed alongside a “Real Deal” Trainwreck amplifier, with superior dynamics from chimney Vox cleans, to soaring Plexi dirt
  • Controls: Volume knob adjusts the output level of the effect; and Gain knob adjusts the amount of saturation (or distortion) of the signal
  • Suggested settings for desired outputs are included: “Mid Gain OD”, “Dirty Boost”, “Brit Distortion”, “Classic 70’s OD”, “Lead Boost”, “Plexi-Vox”
  • True bypass, versatile dynamic response, harmonic complexity, voice-like overtones, super touch sensitive, great sonic range with fat tones
  • Stompbox format. Lifetime Warranty. 9VDC center-negative power operation (adapter not included). Assembled in California.

Publisher: Vertex

Details: The T Drive is a sonic recreation of the legendary Trainwreck Express amplifier with an ultra-sensitive pick attack and response. Rooted in the tradition of British amps from the 60’s and 70’s, Trainwrecks are famous for their fast pick response and their exceptional dynamics from chimney Vox style cleans, to a soaring Plexi overdrive. To most accurately recreate the harmonic complexity of the Trainwreck amps in a stompbox, Vertex took painstaking measures to find a Real Deal Trainwreck Express. Then we compared for sonic accuracy and consulted longtime Trainwreck owners for guidance, providing us with recordings and feedback A/B-ing their Trainwrecks against our T Drive prototype. Vertex’s quest to create the most accurate “Wreck-in-a-box” has resulted in the T Drive, a pedal with the dynamics, harmonic complexity, and voice-like overtones reminiscent of the amp it was inspired by. It’s an integral part of every pedalboard. Dimensions: 4.6″ x 3.2″ x 1.8″. Power connector: 2.1mm barrel. Input impedance: 500k ohm. Output impedance: 10k ohm. Current consumption is less than 5mA. DC Voltage: 9-18V.

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EAN: 748252632555

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