Vertex Ultraphonix

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The Ultraphonix Overdrive by Vertex is a smooth and clear overdrive pedal inspired by elusive American boutique amps. Modeled after four different amps, it will give a remarkable and distinctive character to your tone. Built with mechanical true bypass and all-analog circuitry, the Ultraphonix recreates the iconic fat overdrive, harmonic overtones, and note bloom generated by an elusive American boutique amp. With only Gain, Volume, and Filter knobs, you can access an arsenal of tones from various genres.

Brand: Vertex Effects

Color: Ultraphonix


  • Designed to re-create the overdrive produced by a Dumble Overdrive Special amplifier- quintessential D-style tone, note bloom, and harmonic overtones
  • Controls: Volume knob adjusts the output level of the effect; Gain knob adjusts the saturation of effect; Filter knob; Overdrive knob
  • Mechanical “True Bypass” switching- 100 percent analog circuitry
  • Voiced alongside four Dumble ODS amps ranging from 1970’s-1990’s
  • Designed and assembled in California with a lifetime warranty

Details: The new Vertex Ultraphonix is designed to get you that Dumble-style sweet and creamy mystical overdrive! This pedal was built alongside several original Overdrive Special amps, the Ultraphonix provides all these tones and more and plays perfectly with any amp. OF course, it’s circuitry is 100% analog and true bypass as well.

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