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Coat your sound in thick, heavy fuzz for an over the top metallic wall of sound attack with Walrus Audio’s Contraband fuzz stomp. Don’t let its single knob control scheme and enclosure size fool you; the Contraband packs a way heavier fuzz punch than you’d expect from such a simple and small stompbox. A unique Thick and Thin toggle lets you shape the fuzz tone depending on your guitar’s pickups—a humbucker may sound better in Thin mode, for example—or just expand the Contraband’s range of tonal possibilities.

Brand: Walrus Audio

Color: Gold


  • Power requirements are 9VDC (20mA minimum)

Publisher: Walrus Audio Llc

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Walrus Audio Contraband Fuzz The Contraband is a single-knob fuzz machine that ravages your guitar signal and generates a metallic wall of sound. Because of its size, its easy to smuggle into regions where fuzz is not welcome. The Contraband packs a huge punch for being in a petite enclosure. The single volume knob lets you decide how while the tone switch can help thin out humbuckers or beef up single-coils. The natural bass frequencies of different guitars and pickup combinations, at times can be too much; this is where the Thick and Thin switch comes in handy. Single-coil pickups may sound better in Thick mode, while humbuckers may sound better in Thin mode, but you can find versatile and complimentary tones in both positions no matter the pickup selection. The mild built-in gate allows you to get those choked-off, dying-battery sounds when you roll down your guitars volume knob. . The Contrabands Thick and Thin Switch allows you to cut or boost certain incoming bass frequencies, making it a viable and versatile tool in any players belt and really caters toward bass and analog synth players. This is your quick go-to fuzz for strings and synth that is compact and fits a wide variety of music. Kick it on, have fun and be careful. Walrus Audio Contraband Fuzz Features: The diecast enclosures exact size is 4.39″ x 2.34″ x 1.06″. Power requirements are 9VDC (20mA minimum). ***The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals. Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.***

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