XVive V7 Tube Drive

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The V7 Tube Drive from budget guitar effects maker Xvive is an extremely versatile drive pedal that can deliver all the tube-style overdrive you need. This pedal purrs at low gain settings, dishing out a warm, vacuum tube overdrive, but becomes a menacing, growling monster once you kick it into high gear. Crank that Drive pot all the way up and you can get pretty close to full-on clipping fuzz saturation. The Tube Drive is a true pint-sized overdrive powerhouse.

Brand: Xvive


  • True Bypass
  • Volume/Tone/Drive Control
  • Analog Design
  • Effects on indicator light
  • Connectors: 1/4 Input jack, 1/4 Output jack

Publisher: XVive

Details: V7 Tube Drive Guitar Effects Pedal. The XVIVE V7 is a wide dynamic range tube overdrive pedal that varies from vacuum tube like overdrive effect at low DRIVE settings to screamer clipping-fuzz effect at high DRIVE settings and everything in between. The micro pedal package comes in a durable all-metal housing.

EAN: 1700201309078

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