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Ever wanted to make your own stompbox? Boutique guitar effects pedal company Zvex makes it easy to do so with the Inventobox, a DIY stomp package that lets you design, build, and even modify your own pedal creations from scratch without the need for a soldering gun. This loaded Inventobox comes with all the components necessary to start creating and is even packed with Zvex’s own popular Fuzz Factory, Super Hard On, and tone stack modules.

Brand: ZVEX Effects

Color: Black


  • Enclosure with 4 permanently-mounted 100k potentiometers (rotary controls), two 3-position switches.

Publisher: Zvex Effects

Details: ZVEX Effects Hand-Painted Inventobox Loaded The Inventobox comes fully assembled with Fuzz Factory, tone stack, and Super Hard On modules. The Inventobox comes with two different channels so you can build either one or two different devices into the same box. All of the necessary components are included to make it easy for you… there’s a variety of potentiometer values and switches already inside the box, quickly accessible through tiny sockets which accept standard experimenter socket wires or included cables. The unit is easily opened by hand to make fast modifications to the circuitry. Four Basic Components: -The enclosure with 4 permanently-mounted 100k potentiometers (rotary controls), two 3-position switches, 5 multi-colored LEDs, and two stomp switches with on/off LEDs. -Inside the dual enclosure is a window which contains connectors to access the input and output for channels 1 and 2, an LED work light to see the connectors more clearly, a 9VDC power connection, and various connectors for the multi-colored LEDs and potentiometers. -The lid for the upper part of the enclosure which contains 12 removable potentiometers (the order and values can easily be changed), 12 LEDs, and sockets which let you easily hook up wires from your pedal circuit to the various controls and LEDs. -The lid also has a removable brass shielded tray which contains an experimenter’s socket where you build up your circuits. Design Features: The Inventobox has several unique design features (patents pending) which make it easy to use as well as road-worthy when assembled. The brass tray provides electrostatic shielding between the bottom of the experimenter’s socket and the potentiometers, eliminating cross-talk and noise issues. The removable brass tray on the upper enclosure’s lid allows access to 12 removable potentiometers so you can easily set up the correct order for your pots, making the controls easy to remember. The design of the tray allows you to put a

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