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29 Pedals Introduces Its Output Amplifier Named OAMP Leave a comment

On its Instagram page, 29 Pedals has announced the arrival of its “Output AMPlifier,” the OAMP.

Made to condition and sweeten your guitar’s signal, the OAMP comes in a pretty pink box designed to sit at the end of your pedalboard. It supplies 29dB of gain, customizable via a presence control and a selection of two inbuilt filters. The subtle tonal shifts preserve your instrument’s original sound.

Also on offer is an inbuilt effects loop to set up creative routing options on your pedalboard, letting you change between pedal chains on the fly. It comes particularly handy if you’re using a vintage germanium fuzz that often loves to be first in your chain.

The OAMP comes with a price tag of $299.99. It is powered by the 29 Pedals Whatever power supply, which provides 7.5v to 35v of AC or DC power in either polarity without altering your tone.

“The first production has already sold out and the wait is about six weeks. Check with your local dealers to see if they have stock! We love to support local shops and you can find links on the site or email us for info,” Believable Audio notes.


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