Valco KGB Fuzz

Valco Releases the KGB Fuzz for Keys, Guitar, & Bass Leave a comment

Valco FX has unveiled a new fully-featured fuzz stompbox called the KGB Fuzz, bringing Big Cheese tones to your keyboards, guitar, and bass.

Control-wise, the KGB Fuzz consists of a slider potentiometer to mix the fuzzy signal with the dry signal as well as an impedance selector that makes it ideal for signal-chain experimentation.

Fuzz operation is akin to that of a Lovetone Big Cheese. Besides the Blend control and rotary switch to select from various input impedances, you get Output, Fuzz, and Tone dials, along with a rotary switch to pick from different voices. Those include scooping the mids similar to a Big Muff, adding a mids boost akin to a Tone Bender, a gated, sputtery Velcro fuzz modded, and wholly bypassing the tone circuit.

Other handy features include a Line/Inst switch that activates the impedance selector dial in Inst mode or programs impedance to work with line-level signals in Line mode.

The Valco FX KGB Fuzz is available now for $299.

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