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Acorn Amplifiers has unveiled the Mind Killer dual distortion stompbox, which is heavily inspired by the universe of Dune.

“Seemingly crafted by the hands of the Kwisatz Haderach, the Mind Killer by Acorn Amplifiers is a dual distortion device that guarantees to deliver total obliteration in the form of huge gain tones to any rig,” Acorn Amplifiers detailed.

The Mind Killer comes packed with a pair of discrete op-amp distortion circuits wired in series. Each circuit is independently switchable, with separate controls for the drive (Spice) and volume (Life), plus toggle switches for clipping diode and bass boost modes. The clipping diode switch eliminates the diodes to allow that side to work as a cleaner op-amp boost, while the bass boost gives the tone a low-end thump. The knobs are positioned either side of what appears to be Paul Atreides, sporting footswitch-able SMD LEDs for the spice-blue look.

Since both sides are wired in series, they are easily stackable. Players can switch one out for a texture change or volume boost/drop. The Mind Killer yields sound ranging from throaty high-gain overdrive to fuzz-esque squashed distortion.

The Mind Killer is now available to preorder for $225. Hear the pedal in action with the official demo below:

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