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Sunnaudio has released the ultra-versatile Nucleus NU-1, a dual analog preamp and boost stompbox that delivers punchy, cutting tones spanning from clear to high gain.

The Nucleus NU-1 functions as a dual-channel preamp. It carries a Bypass footswitch along with a secondary Hi/Lo Gain footswitch for altering between the low and high gain sides. Each comes with separate level control, letting players boost a lower gain part to match the high-gain tone or kick above the rest of the mix for a solo.

The high-gain channel ranges from driven clean to saturated distortion, allowing up to 60dB of gain, while the low-gain goes from crystal clear tone to a broken up overdrive sound.

Control-wise, the Nucleus NU-1 consists of a giant Gain dial as well as minute Tone and Focus knobs, which are all shared by the two channels. The Focus knob adjusts sub-harmonics and sculpts the midrange to yield a more focused tone.

Designed to deal with sounds from both bass and guitar, the Nucleus NU-1 features a balanced TRS output. It operates on a 9v battery or a standard 7.5v – 12v external DC adapter.

The Nucleus NU-1 is now available for a limited special introductory price of $265.

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