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Beetronics Unveils the Babee Series Vezzpa Octave Stinger Leave a comment

Beetronics has welcomed the Vezzpa Octave Stinger to its Babee series, being the first to pair digital controls with an analog fuzz circuit.

With this new op-amp-powered unit, you can choose between two operating modes: Stinger and Fuzzzz. On Stinger mode, the Vezzpa becomes aggressive, raising the high octave and slicing through the mix. Meanwhile, the Fuzzzz mode lets you shatter a thick fuzz wall, perfect for massive power chord motifs and the like.

A sustain control is also available to adjust your tone from open-sounding to gated and sputtery. Digital controls are connected to performance features routed to the footswitch. In bypass, you can engage the effect by holding the footswitch down. After activating, you may hold down the footswitch to switch modes momentarily or double click to toggle between modes.

As with any Beetronics device, the Vezzpa comes in an ornate chassis featuring a colorful stained glass design with textured embossing, making the artwork stand out.

“As the name states this is no ordinary bee. It’s actually a wasp, a nasty and aggressive one with an op-amp heart that can produce an extreme high-pitched buzz,” Beetronics detailed.

The Vezzpa Octave Stinger is out now with a price tag of £215.

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