Benson Amps Introduces the Thermally-Biased Germanium Fuzz Leave a comment

Benson Amps has unveiled the first-ever germanium-based fuzz stompbox with automatic thermal bias technology, the Germanium Fuzz.

Germanium transistors yield a more open and seamless fuzz sound than silicon transistors, but their operation depends on the ambient temperature. Benson Amps owner Christopher Benson spent the early days of lockdown developing the concept of the now patent-applied-for self-adjusting germanium fuzz technology, which allows for Germanium Fuzz’s consistent operation from zero °C to 38°C. “My whole goal was to make a pedal that works seamlessly in a modern environment,” Chris said.

Per Benson Amps, the Germanium Fuzz is “designed around two germanium 2N527 OR 2N404 Germanium Transistors.” It also incorporates an adjustable class A buffer before a pickup-simulating coil. Meaning, you can expect the fuzz to act always like it’s plugged directly into a guitar, even if you put it after other effects and buffers. Other controls available allow for adjustment of gain and volume.

Since the particular germanium transistors used in the stompbox are hard to source, the brand will only manufacture Germanium Fuzz pedals when parts are available. The first batch is now up for sale for $299 apiece. Head over to Benson Amps for more details.

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