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El Diablo Amps & Guitars’ HEQ1 Harmonic Equalizer is back by popular demand in the form of the HEQ1.2, a revamped variant of the original fuzz stompbox.

“We’ve received numerous requests to resurrect the HEQ over the years, and though we initially resisted the idea, we are really proud of this irascible circuit and we’re chuffed it has found an audience,” the brand wrote.

Introduced in 2017, the HEQ1 Harmonic Equalizer features design by Minneapolis-based audio engineer Peter Bregman. The HEQ1.2 comes with a few updates, but it adheres to the formula set by the original.

The dual-footswitch updated version has two sides: Baxandall EQ and harmonic distortion. The former allows for boosting and slicing the three bands, while the latter is controllable via two rather unique dials: Edges and Expanse.

Moreover, the HEQ1.2 did away with the internal trim pots and is now voiced to sound like Bregman’s HEQ1. Other changes include eyesight-friendlier LEDs and the inclusion of reverse- and over-voltage protection.

Limited to 200 units, the HEQ1.2 is now available to preorder from eldiabloamps.com for $215. The first run will come in April 2021, and per El Diablo, “If the hoarding/flipping gets out of hand, we’ll make more!”

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