Boss MT-2-3A Metal Zone, SD-1-4A Super Overdrive

Boss Announces Anniversary MT-2 Metal Zone, SD-1 Super Overdrive Leave a comment

Revered pedal maker Boss is commemorating the 30th and 40th anniversaries of its iconic stompboxes—respectively the MT-2 Metal Zone and the SD-1 Super Overdrive—with a limited run of these units for 2021.

In celebration of these auspicious occasions, Boss has created the MT2-3A and the SD-1-4A—anniversary editions of each stompbox in a sleek black paint job that are only available this year.

First introduced in 1981, the SD-1 Super Overdrive is well-loved by guitarists worldwide, delivering a smooth overdriven tone that establishes the legacy of the OD-1. The anniversary Super Overdrive sports gold-capped knobs and yellow lettering.

Meanwhile, the MT-2 (launched in 1991) is the second most popular Boss drive stompbox after the DS-1 Distortion. Chief features include a three-band active EQ with a semi-parametric midrange for sculpting the iconic saturated tone. In a nod to the original, the anniversary Metal Zone carries black dials and gray lettering.

Both anniversary edition pedals come in commemorative boxes and with a retro silver thumbscrew for their battery compartments.

The MT-2-3A Metal Zone and SD-1-4A Super Overdrive are slated for a June 2021 release for $113 and $60, respectively. Head over to the Boss website for more details.

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