Boss RE-2 Space Echo

Boss Announces the Creation of a Compact RE-2 Space Echo Leave a comment

Boss has confirmed that a streamlined, compact pedal-sized variant of its RE-20 Space Echo is in the works.

Following on from some unanticipated early listings on eBay, Boss announced on its website that it would soon launch what it calls the RE-2 Space Echo.

“It has been nearly 50 years since the inception of the original Roland Space Echo, and 15 years since the Boss RE-20 was released,” the pedal manufacturer said in its announcement.

“We’re pleased to announce the Boss RE-2 Space Echo Compact Pedal. Combining newly recreated authentic Space Echo sounds, meticulously crafted and delivered in a legendary Boss Compact Pedal form factor.”

Based on an early photo of the stompbox, it sports a familiar control layout with stereo ins and outs as well as an external input for control footswitch or an expression stompbox.

The RE-20 Space Echo, on which the RE-2 is based, was a compact version of the Space Echo RE-201 created by Boss’ parent company Roland in 1974.

You can learn more about the RE-2 Space Echo on the brand’s website.

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