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Origin Effects Drops BassRIG ‘64 Black Panel, BassRIG Super Vintage Leave a comment

British boutique stompbox creator Origin Effects has expanded its bass guitar pedal lineup with the BassRIG ‘64 Black Panel and BassRIG Super Vintage.

Drawing inspiration from the sounds of the ‘60s, both the BassRIG ‘64 Black Panel and BassRIG Super Vintage come equipped with Analogue Amp Recreation circuitry to mimic “some of history’s greatest bass tones.”

Other universal features available in both vintage-style pedals include valve amp circuits and an analog cabinet-simulated DI output for condensing massive bass guitar amp tones into a pedalboard-friendly body.

Sound-wise, the BassRIG Super Vintage takes inspiration from the highly celebrated Bill Hughes-designed Ampeg SVT, promising lots of versatility and a deep low-end, growling distortion. Its “wide-ranging controls” include four toggle switches and six dials—Bass, Drive, Blend, Treble, Output, and Midrange.

On the other hand, the BassRIG ‘64 Black Panel pays homage to mid-’60s Fender amps, promising the signature warmth and grit of this boundary-pushing era. It’s pretty similar to the Super Vintage control-wise, with knobs for Blend, Drive, Output, Bass, Middle, and Treble parameters.

The Origin Effects BassRIG ‘64 Black Panel and BassRIG Super Vintage are available now for $495 apiece.

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