Boss Revamps Its Digital Delay Line with the DD-3T and DD-8 Leave a comment

Distinguished pedal manufacturer Boss has just dropped two new additions to its famed compact series lineup, the DD-3T and DD-8 digital delay pedals.

The DD-3T witnesses the long-running DD-3 augmented with tap tempo feature while the direct output jack was transferred beside the main output jack to make it more convenient.

Otherwise, the circuitry remains unaltered from the original DD-3 unit. Users still get up to 800ms of delay. The Hold feature, which enables saving as much as 800ms of audio and effectively looping it, returns, but is now called the Short Loop function. The DD-3T is packaged within the signature Boss metal chassis with rubber footswitch. It is a similar set-up controls-wise as its predecessor with Feedback, Time, Mode, and Effect dials controlling the effect.

Similar to the DD-3T, the DD-8 sports the classic tough Boss chassis and rubber footswitch setup. Replacing the DD-7, Boss claims the DD-8 is their most sophisticated compact series delay yet—and it sure boasts an arsenal of clever features.

Equipped with 11 modes of delay, the DD-8 loads an impressive sonic range into a compact enclosure. It includes Analogue, GLT, +Rv (adds reverb to delayed signal), Mod (modulation), Loop, Shimmer (pitch shifts the delayed signal), Reverse, Tape, Standard, Warp, and Warm.

The DD-8 incorporates stereo inputs/outputs, an onboard looper, and tap tempo functionality. Users can connect an external footswitch to control the looper and tap tempo. Alternately, they can utilize an expression pedal for continuous control of delay time, feedback, or level—or all simultaneously.

The Boss DD-3T and DD-8 are available for £122 and £140 respectively.

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