Boss Unveils the “New Standard” in Octave Stompboxes Leave a comment

Boss has introduced its most advanced compact octave pedal yet, the OC-5 Octave, which adds a modern flavor to the OC-2 from 1982.

The OC-5 leverages sophisticated tracking technology to deliver speedy tone octavization, with independent controls for mixing dry, octave up, octave down, and double octaves down. The newly formed tracking engine delivers precise performance with zero latency.

Moreover, the pedal carries a mode switch for changing between Vintage mode and Poly mode. Poly delivers various enhancements for extended-range playing, while Vintage serves up a faithful re-creation of the iconic OC-2.

“Powered by the latest real-time processing technologies from BOSS, the OC-5 provides exceptional sound and playability for the most expressive octave experience ever,” Boss detailed. “A key feature is the newly developed tracking engine, which delivers clean, accurate performance with no latency. The OC-5 also offers wider range and greater polyphonic capabilities than previous OC models, covering all your octave needs in one high-performance pedal.”

Other features include a direct out for wet-dry rigs, a switch to select bass or guitar operation, as well as a Boss five-year warranty.

The Boss OC-5 Octave retails for £129. Check out the official demo below or find out more over at the Boss website.

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