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Carl Martin has introduced the new Acoustic GiG multi-effects preamp, a variant of its famed Quattro MultiFX pedal customized for acoustic players.

“With the Carl Martin Quattro being so popular throughout the years, Carl thought to himself, ‘I could really use that same sort of high quality, straight forward, simple to use package for my acoustics as well,’” Carl Martin detailed.

The Acoustic GiG features a compressor/limiter with separate comp and level dials, a vintage-esque echo with controls for repeat, tone, and level, as well as a tap-tempo footswitch and a switch to enable a dotted eighth note delay.

For added space, the Acoustic GiG also boasts a digital/analog hybrid reverb, tailored after vintage-esque reverbs. This reverb yields a modulated texture into the trails at higher settings.

The Acoustic GiG also comes with some extra, gig-focused features such as a phase-shift switch to combat pesky feedback. Other features include an overall mute option, an onboard tuner, and a three-band semi-parametric EQ spec’d from the Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Preamp.

Elsewhere, the unit’s rear panel carries an insert section, a balanced XLR out with ground lift, 1/4-inch inputs and outputs, as well as a 9V DC input with direct DC output.

The Acoustic GiG retails for £479.

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