Carl Martin Ampster

Carl Martin Introduces the Ampster Tube Guitar Amp-Speaker Sim DI Leave a comment

Carl Martin has unleashed an all-analog amp-in-a-box and speaker simulator pedal—the Ampster.

Sporting a classic amp-esque control interface, the Ampster consists of knobs for Gain, Master, Presence, and a three-band EQ, along with Mute and Cabinet footswitches.

Stomping on the Cabinet footswitch lets you choose between two speaker emulations: 4×12 closed-back cab and 2×12 open-backed cab. The former displays a green LED while the latter shows a red one.

At the back, the Ampster has a ground lift and voicing switch. Convenient connectivity is also available via a remote input, a balanced DI out, effects send/return, and a 1/4” ‘link’ output for running the signal into an external amp.

Carl Martin describes the Ampster as “a single tube driven amp/speaker simulator that can either supplement your amp, or replace it. A fully analog unit with controls that are the same as your amplifier with the addition of a mute switch, a speaker selection switch and a voicing switch. What’s more important, the Ampster reacts to your playing in the same way your full size amp does, giving you the same organic feel with zero latency!”

The Carl Martin Ampster Tube Guitar Amp-Speaker Sim DI is now available for $299.

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