Slice Of Pie

Big Ear, Tone Mob Podcast Collaborate for Pizza-Themed Fuzz Pedal Leave a comment

Nashville stompbox creators Big Ear and Tone Mob Podcast have teamed up for a photo-realistic pizza fuzz named Slice Of Pie.

Available in cheese or pepperoni flavors, the Slice Of Pie serves up a straightforward control interface, consisting of mini dials for tone, gain, and volume, and operates on a 9V DC power adapter.

In keeping with its pizza theme, the Slice Of Pie comes in a take-out-style box, complete with a napkin, crushed red pepper packs, pizza pin, temporary tattoos, a Big Ear pick, and a manual that looks like a pizza menu.

“BIG EAR pedals and the Tone Mob Podcast have come together to bring you SLICE OF PIE—the world’s first-ever fuzz pedal made to look just like a slice of pizza… that is also a fuzz pedal! And just like a good slice, this fuzz is huge! Like, so big you’ll need two paper plates,” the product description reads.

Even before Slice Of Pie, delicious food-themed pedals such as Caroline Hawaiian Pizza and Danelectro Grilled Cheese have long been available in the market.

You can now order a box of the Slice Of Pie fuzz from the Big Ear page for $199.

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