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Caroline Guitar Company has released the Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay Computer, which builds on the legacy of its acclaimed Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay pedal.

Created alongside Electronic Audio Experiments, the Megabyte is perfect for those who are big on the lo-fi, low-res delay reminiscent of the 80s effects, just like the Kilobyte.

The Megabyte sports a pair of vintage, digital, lo-fi PT2399 chips for up to 1,200 msec of delay, available via tap tempo or time control. Tap tempo incorporates a trio of repeater options accessible through the divide control: dotted eights, quarter notes, or eights.

Other features include a wave trim pot for dialing in modulation from slight detunes to outstanding warble and shifted pitch.

The Megabyte is available now in a small number of a special advance batch. “This is a pedal we’ve been waiting for and looking forward to. As part of this limited run in black with rainbow stripes, we’ll be including a special tee shirt and ‘invader’ patch in the purchase. We’ll also be donating 10% of the sales proceeds from this run to Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands, an excellent organization whom we’re honored to support in their mission,” Caroline Guitar Company wrote.

The Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay Computer is scheduled for a wider release in mid-February.

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