Maxon Collaborates With Susuma Tamura for the Apex 808 Leave a comment

Maxon has teamed up with legendary Tube Screamer creator Susumu Tamura to build the Apex808 overdrive pedal.

After meticulously combing through numerous vintage and modern Tube Screamer incarnations for three years, Mr. Tamura figured that his favorite sounding editions all contained similar IC chips.

“During this study, it was determined that the best sounding TS specimens all featured not only a specific brand of IC but also that the IC in question was from a specific production period,” Maxon wrote.

The legendary pedal designer subsequently sourced the IC and incorporated it into the design of the Apex808 overdrive. Per Maxon, this “hen’s tooth” IC gives a dramatic effect to the sound characteristics of the pedal. It yields a note-to-note separation, clarity, and transparency so incredible, making other drives sound like “they are being played with a blanket over the speaker.”

The Apex808 boasts handpicked IC that provides the added benefit, altering the overtone components of the signal according to input level. At low levels, the stompbox produces primarily even-order harmonics, while at higher levels, it generates a mix of odd- and even-order harmonics.

With the Apex808, users can capture the feel and sounds of the best vintage Tube Screamer without breaking the bank or needing to play through.

Maxon has yet to announce the release date and price for the Apex808.

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