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Cascade Pedals has unveiled its first production model—the Hosstortion MOSFET Distortion, a revamped variant of the iconic Ibanez MT-10 Mostortion. 

Lauded as the “secret weapon” behind the primo tone of numerous Nashville guitarists, the short-lived Mostortion was manufactured only from 1990–93. The unit has become a rare bird, carrying eye-watering prices on secondhand marketplaces. In the mid-2000s, the CMOS CA3260 chip, which gave the stompbox its name, went obsolete. Such raveled the production of true-to-form replicas. 

Cascade Pedals founder Charlie Mostoller loves the original MT-10 pedal. Therefore, as his firm grows from creating unique custom pedals to building production models, he knew his first release must be a Mostortion update. 

“Using a modern BiMOS chip, Mostoller breadboarded the circuit until he was satisfied with his updates, adding more output and increased headroom, while maintaining the tonal characteristics and extremely versatile three-band EQ of the original,” the press release detailed. 

Controls for the Hosstortion include a Level and Dirt dial for setting the gain, as well as a powerful three-band EQ for sculpting anything from beefy hi-gain tones to searing leads. 

Featuring true bypass operation, the Hosstortion comes in a sturdy, sparkle green chassis sporting 3D printed graphics as a tribute to the original. Other modern upgrades include premium quality parts, top-mounted jacks, and a lifetime warranty.

The Hosstortion MOSFET Distortion pedal lists for $175.

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