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Step Audio has unveiled the Pilot Wave, a step MIDI sequencer for controlling MIDI-enabled stompboxes as dynamic, rhythmic instruments.

Per Step Audio, the Pilot Wave “multiplies the sonic potential of every MIDI-enabled effect. Pilot Wave sequences effects parameters, unleashing hidden pedal potential.”

The unit boasts seven distinct single-button modes to manage sequences manually. It can span from prompting the next step to cycling through the whole MIDI range in one-shot mode. Moreover, the Pilot Wave also acts as a conventional step sequencer with MIDI clock sync and tap tempo.

Pairing its ability to control up to ten parameters with 16 available steps, users can conveniently access 16 presets. They can craft, edit, and share their original sequences via the Online Programmer, which runs on Google Chrome.

“Parameters on audio effect pedals normally don’t change until you manually adjust them. Some pedals allow expression controllers to ‘sweep’ knobs up and down,” Step Audio wrote. “Pilot Wave takes MIDI-enabled pedals to the next level by accessing every available parameter on hundreds of pedals, then dynamically modifying those parameters in sequences of up to 16 steps.”

Players can also access Step Audio’s quick start page, which loads 16 original presets for popular pedals, including the Eventide H9, Chase Bliss Wombtone, Chase Bliss Condor, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Riverside, Meris Enzo, Meris Hedra, and many more to come.

The Step Audio Pilot Wave lists for $199.

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