Catalinbread Unveils the Giygas Fuzz Pedal Leave a comment

Portland-headquartered pedal manufacturer Catalinbread has unveiled its newest fuzz masterpiece, the Giygas.

Drawing inspiration from the antagonist of the Super Nintendo classic, Earthbound (Mother 2: Giygas Strikes Back), the Giygas stompbox serves up ferocious fuzz tones.

Per Catalinbread, the Giygas embodies a “brawny and fierce” core sonic characteristic. However, setting the Fuzz dial at lower levels delivers an output signal evocative of low-gain garage rock tones.

The Giygas sports a Loud dial that acts as the master volume as well as an independent Mid knob, which can be handy for dialing in tones to slice through a mix. Moreover, Catalinbread claims that “when the Blend and Loud are all the way up, everyone within a one-mile radius will call the cops.”

Under the hood, this fuzz unit boasts several features specific to bassists. These include a Toggle switch for setting the EQ center point from 900 to 250Hz and a 40Hz trim pot for beefing up bass tones (perfect for studio-style applications).

“Featuring a plethora of useful options, the Giygas gives you everything you’ve ever wanted in a fuzz box, along with some stuff you never knew you wanted (but deep down, you totally knew),” Catalinbread wrote.

The Giygas lists for $199.99 and is already available for pre-order, which will ship on June 1.

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