Browne Amplification Announces the T4 Fuzz Pedal Leave a comment

Browne Amplification has unveiled its version of the classic four-transistor silicon fuzz, the T4 Fuzz stompbox.

That is identical to the circuits found in Big Muff-style units, resulting in a scooped and aggressive sound. But Browne Amplification wanted to re-create some of those scooped mids as the T4 boasts a flattened EQ curve for a more even tone.

According to the press release, “What sets the T4 apart is a flattened EQ curve that allows the mids to come back in and cut through the mix better. It also has been softened in the gain department and smoother than other versions of this circuit.”

The T4 Fuzz pedal is perfect for those who want the violin-esque sustain yielded by a four-transistor fuzz but have shed plenty of time trying to get their sound to slice through. 

Control-wise, the T4 sticks to familiar territory. It sports a trio of control knobs for Tone, Level, and Sustain. The unit also boasts true bypass switching as well as a standard 9V DC power jack without battery support.

In comparison to most vintage full-sized Big Muffs, the T4 comes in a relatively small chassis with a raised nameplate. 

The Browne Amplification T4 retails for $179 and is already available for pre-order, which will ship in three to five weeks. 

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