Cicognani Engineering Unleashes the SexyBoost2 Tube Booster Leave a comment

Godlyke, Inc. has announced the release of the Cicognani Engineering SexyBoost2, a dual-channel tube booster.

Designed by Cicognani Engineering owner Guglielmo Cicognani, the SexyBoost2 is an analog, tube-driven booster ideal for driving a tube amp’s front-end or as a level booster in a loop. 

According to the brand, the SexyBoost2 has two objectives: to raise your volume for searing solos and to magnify your sound for beefy rhythms. The circuit centers around a 12AU7/ECC83 preamp tube for maximum headroom and transparency. 

Also on offer are two discreet, foot-switchable channels—Clean Boost and Mid Boost. Per the press release, “The first channel is a clean boost with max gain of +10 dB. This channel is perfect for a thick, full-frequency rhythm sound. The second channel is a dedicated midrange boost with a max gain of +8 dB. This channel is perfect as a lead boost to pop out of a mix.”

Rounding out the SexyBoost2 is a global Treble/Bass Cut dial, which allows for fine-tuning the tone for utilization with various amps. Other handy features include true bypass switching and Red/Green LED indicators for channel selection.

Handcrafted in Italy, the SexyBoost2 carries a street price of $279. You can hear the pedal in action with the demo video below.

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