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Joe Bonamassa has teamed up with Way Huge on the Penny Saver Royale Modulation & Overdrive pedal.

In this latest pedal collaboration, the brand combines Joe’s two beloved Way Huge pedals—the Blue Hippo Chorus and the Overrated Special Overdrive—in one chassis.

“Combining the Overrated Special Overdrive and the Blue Hippo Chorus into one unit, with a single power source, has changed the relationship between chorus and overdrive,” Joe details. “They tend to melt more into the tone giving it a very organic yet unique sound that was not there with the two singular units by themselves. Plus you save a penny or two with the purchase. Everyone wins!”

On the overdrive side of things, you’ll get all the Overrated Special’s grit, punch, and tweakability. Meanwhile, the opposite side boasts the Blue Hippo’s lush tones, plus a custom delay time tailored to Joe’s liking.

Per the press release, the Penny Saver Royale is geared to inject “Joe’s hypnotic licks—and yours—with an electrifying surge of gain and sustain and the liquefied intensity of a rotating speaker.”

The Penny Saver Royale Modulation & Overdrive lists for $299. You can buy it from Joe’s online store or at select local retailers in Australia, Japan, and the UK. For reference, the Blue Hippo and Overrated Special are still available for $150 and $170, respectively.

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