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Cicognini Engineering Launches the Pompeii PE603 Leave a comment

Italy-headquartered Cicognini Engineering has released a modern take of the Binson Echorec P.E. 603, famously used by Pink Floyd, the Shadows, and Led Zeppelin—the Pompeii PE603.

Per the brand, the Pompeii PE603 aims to revive the P.E. 603’s magical sound in a more compact pedal format with better sonic performance. “Tonewise the PE603 provides anything from classic slap-back to up to 740mS delay,” Cicognini Engineering detailed.

A 12-way rotary switch lets users select from different “tape-head” combos that provide multi-tap and beat-split delay effects. Meticulously recreated feedback and tone circuits and controls allow for nailing the original’s signature lush, otherworldly delay sounds.

Also on offer is a 12AU7 vacuum tube that gives the signal a balance of transparency and warmth as well as a dedicated dial for the classic “varispeed” mod, allowing players to speed up or slow down the original’s tape motors to yield exciting experimental effects. The pedal also consists of control knobs for Bass Treble, Magic of Age, Input Control, Length of Swell, Selector, Switch, and Volume Echo.

The Cicognini Engineering Pompeii PE603 is already available for $549. Hear it in action on the demo video below.

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