Vox Releases the Valvenergy Line of Nutube-Equipped Stompboxes Leave a comment

Vox has launched the Valvenergy pedal series, consists of four Nutube-fitted stompboxes: the Copperhead Drive, Cutting Edge, Mystic Edge, and Silk Drive.

Per the brand, all four valve distortion stompboxes deliver “the feel and harmonics of a tube amp, using an all-analog signal path and Nutube,” adding that “This series offers four pedals, each inspired by a classic amp sound. The three modes found in each pedal offer standard use, line-level preamp output, and an analog cab sim output. In addition, the new channel switching mode allows two or model Valvenergy pedals together.”

Each unit is built off identical overall design, featuring a control cluster at the top of the chassis’ face, above an OLED screen, which displays an oscilloscope when the pedals are engaged. All units except the Cutting Edge sports a Bright switch for adding some more high-end to the tone if necessary.

The Copperhead Drive is a distortion/overdrive pedal that, according to Vox, emulates the “classic full stack amp tone, used for the powerful sound of hard rock in the 80s,” while the Cutting Edge stompbox serves up a contemporary high-gain sound for metal players.

Meanwhile, the Mystic Edge recreates the sound of the classic Vox AC30, dishing out the distinctive chime that the cult favorite amp is best known for since its inception in 1959.

Ultimately, the Silk Drive mimics the sound of a boutique vintage amp, covering “the range from warm cleans to bluesy overdriven tones, and perfectly expresses the subtle nuances of your picking.”

Check out voxamps.com for more details.

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