Collision Devices Nocturnal

Collision Devices Unveils the Nocturnal Delay/Tremolo/Reverb Pedal Leave a comment

Collision Devices has released a limited-edition three-effects-in-one pedal—the Nocturnal, packed with a modulated delay, shimmer reverb, and dynamic tremolo.

Initially created by Collision Devices at the special request of guitarist Noli (who later on created its artwork), the Nocturnal delivers “ambiances and textures creation.” Each of the three effects comes with an aptly named footswitch—Dusk for the delay, Dawn for reverb, and Night for tremolo.

Dusk-specific knobs include Modulation, Speed for setting the mod frequency from 0.1Hz to 20Hz, and conventional delay controls Time and Mix. Finally, it carries a Feedback dial, which is in charge of repetitions.

As for Dawn, the Nocturnal carries generic controls for Blend, Shimmer, and Reverb, along with a digital low-pass Filter knob for a darker or shinier shimmer. A final Color dial serves as a “bandpass active and analog filter around 3.3 kHz. Controls the Q of the filter.”

Lastly, Night features only two self-explanatory knobs: Depth and Sensibility.

The Collision Devices Nocturnal is yours for €315.

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