Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire

Crazy Tube Circuits Releases the Crossfire Leave a comment

Crazy Tube Circuits has announced the newest member of its effects stompboxes family—the Crossfire.

Drawing inspiration from “one of the most iconic pedal/amp combinations” of all time, the Crossfire features blackface amps-style voicing on the left side and green mid-hump overdrive-esque sound on the opposite side.

Control-wise, the pedal’s amp side consists of Gain, Volume, and three-band EQ knobs, along with a headroom toggle and a bright switch for boosting its high-frequency response.

Meanwhile, the right pedal side carries self-explanatory Gain, Volume, and Tone dials, as you’d expect from a classic overdrive. For more versatility, it also sports an asymmetrical/symmetrical clipping switch and an internal switch to select between 9V or 18V operation for more overdrive headroom.

Other handy features include a passive effects loop that lets you use each side independently and gives flexible rig-integration options.

The Crazy Tube Circuits Crossfire lists for €219.

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