Cooper FX Launches the Cartridge-Based Arcades Pedal Leave a comment

Cooper FX has unveiled a brand-new cartridge-based multi-effects stompbox, the Arcades.

Similar to most multi-effects units, the Arcades sports a screen and multifunctional controls. But unlike other units, players select their effect via a GameBoy-style cartridge.

Every cartridge is packed with eight effects in one of four areas: pitch, delay, reverb, and lo-fi. The Arcades boasts a range of effects as extensive as one might expect from such a new unit. 

Control-wise, the pedal carries four dials labeled A, B, C, and D, plus a page button that toggles between various displays on the screen and a button to turn the current effect to the next. Both primary control pages map A, B, C, and D to different things: 1) to global controls like tone, clock, dry, and wet, 2) displays controls particular to the current cartridge, 3) maps an external footswitch, and 4) configures elements such as MIDI, presets, and the quantization clock.

Although it is not a rig-killer unit with cab-simulation and the like, it is a delightfully fresh take on the format. The effects available go way beyond the typical presets on offer elsewhere. Even better, instead of installing a firmware update to access more effects, Cooper FX says additional cartridges containing new effects are in the works.

The Arcades stompbox retails for $329.99. 

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