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New Zealand-headquartered effects firm Red Witch has teamed up with Reverb for the brand new octavefuzz stompbox, the Seraphina.

Handmade in New Zealand by Ben Fulton, the Seraphina is all about vintage-flavored fuzz tones. It boasts Wima capacitors, through-hole components, and four germanium diodes. 

The Seraphina is unlike any other Red Witch pedals. It carries a trio of external, top side-mounted control knobs for tone, volume, and fuzz.

“From a leviathanic wall of fuzz to a more classic vintage feel, the fuzz control allows users access to a multitude of fuzz experiences. From incredibly searing, laser beam tones, to the bass heavy ‘American Woman’ sound, the tone control offers a broad range of ultra useful frequency modification,” Red Witch stated in the press release.

The pedal also consists of dual footswitches that allow for engaging the stompbox as well as the incendiary octave up. Also, thanks to a pair of internal trim pots, players can dial the tone even more. The first trim modifies the flavor of octave up, while the other lets players adjust the overall fuzz girth.

Sporting a sleek vintage cream powder coating, the limited-edition Seraphina is true bypass and operates solely from a DC 9v wall wart power supply.

The Red Witch Seraphina is available only for a limited first offering of 100 units for a very limited time. 

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