Crazy Tube Circuits Introduces the Constellation CV7003 and the Memphis Leave a comment

Greek stompbox manufacturer Crazy Tube Circuits has announced two new additions to its pedal roster: the Constellation CV7003 and the Memphis.

Limited to only 200 units worldwide, the Constellation CV7003 consists of vintage military-spec NOS germanium CV7003 transistors. Credits to the giant rotary selector found in the center, the stompbox serves up a range of germanium-powered fuzz voicings—FF, VTB, 3/2, 2, RM, and RMFF. The rest of the dials include the self-explanatory Gain and Volume.

On the other hand, the Memphis is an amp-esque vibrato based upon the circuits found in vintage Magnatone amplifiers. Built as the little sibling of Crazy Tube Circuits’ Killer V, the pedal comes loaded with an “all analog LFO and true-to-the-original-amp 2-stage pitch shifting circuit powered from an internal voltage multiplier for high headroom and improved dynamic response.”

Control-wise, the Memphis carries control knobs for Intensity, Volume, and Speed, along with a toggle switch for selecting between a wholly wet signal (for pure vibrato) and a combination of dry and wet (for swirly phaser sounds).

The Constellation CV7003 and the Memphis are already available for €299 and €155, respectively. Check out the demo video below or head over to the Crazy Tube Circuits website to learn more.

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