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Stone Deaf FX has released the QBoost stompbox—a hybrid of a preamp and a parametric frequency booster.

The QBoost carries a pair of amp-style knobs, two footswitches, and a single toggle switch. The right-side dial and footswitch engage and manage the frequency boost, while those on the left engage and control the preamp level. A central toggle switch allows the choice between vintage and modern preamp voice: the former is a more saturated, distorted boost similar to conventional treble boosters, whereas the latter is a cleaner boost.

Not content with that, the QBoost also boasts an inbuilt frequency booster that ranges from 35hz to 6Khz, covering the bass-treble spectrum in terms of guitar-centric frequencies. Per Stone Deaf FX, “With a natural, medium Q factor, this lets the pedal emphasize a specific frequency when the second footswitch is engaged.”

“Forget about a normal treble boost pedal. The QBoost lets you show off the highs, the mids, or the lows, to make sure your sound always suits the situation,” the brand added.

Other handy features include true-bypass switching and top-mounted jacks, making the unit a one-of-a-kind tone shaper.

The Stone Deaf FX QBoost is available for £170.

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