Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi V2

Crazy Tube Circuits Upgrades Its Golden Ratio to Phi V2 Leave a comment

Crazy Tube Circuits has introduced a new-and-improved version of its Golden Ratio compressor—the φ (Phi) V2, an all-analog three-circuit pedal.

Like its predecessor, the Phi V2 consists of six control dials plus a three-position toggle switch that moves between a trio of independent compression circuits and leverages a parallel compression technique that combines the compressed signal with the original.

Three compression circuits allow the choice between OTA, FET, and OPTO compressors. The FET transistor-loaded mode is ideal for mild musical distortion and lightning-fast response, while the OPTO comes with a handpicked photocell that provides naturally smooth attack and release.

As for the OTA, Crazy Tube Circuits says: “Our interpretation uses a feed-forward detector circuit thus being able to ‘squeeze’ things harder, ideal for catching fast transients and limiting,” noting that “it is the most controllable circuit with punchy and direct sound.”

Self-explanatory Volume, Blend, and Ratio dials control the output, compressed/uncompressed sound mix, and prevent the signal from exceeding a given threshold, respectively.

Other notable features include a pair of internal switches for selecting between nine or 18V DC of operation and compression ratio from 1:1 up to 20:1.

You can now get the Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi V2 for $249.

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