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DryBell Musical Electronic Laboratory has announced what it touts as “a powerful voice for musicians,” The Engine Foundation Preamp.

The Engine is an ultra-versatile, all-analog foundation preamp stompbox featuring unique voicing reminiscent of 60’s British classic amps and sounds. The unit is open sounding and highly touch-sensitive. Therefore, the pick attack conveniently controls the amount of dirt on tap.

Per the press release, The Engine “covers all the classic overdriven tones on a variety of amps and can be pushed even more with our take on the classic Range(master) and a powerful EQ/Boost section.” 

Control-wise, The Engine boasts a pair of fully analog sections, which share a high headroom ultra-low-noise buffer to ensure zero signal loss.

Side A carries Level, Gain, Tone, and Shape dials for controlling the overall output volume, adding more grit and dirt to the tone, managing the high-frequency spectrum, and altering the character and level of mid frequencies, respectively. Meanwhile, Side B carries control knobs for specific mid frequencies (Range), low frequencies (Low), high frequencies (High), and “the overall output volume of high headroom and distortion-free clean Boost with the high internal power supply voltage (23V)” (Level).

Other features include an Order dial for tweaking between more volume and more gain. 

The DryBell The Engine retails for $299.

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