Mooer Launches the Feature-Laden R7 Reverb Leave a comment

Mooer has announced the newest addition to its 7 series of micro stompboxes, the R7 Reverb. 

“The Mooer R7 Digital Reverb pedal brings rich, classic reverb tones to The New Micro Series. Based on a brand-new set of unique reverb algorithms, the R7 packs 7 types of reverb effects from the ‘Church’ to the ‘Cave,’” Mooer detailed. 

Much like the other entries in the range, the R7 Reverb serves up multiple operating modes, alongside the ability for presets to be recalled and saved. The seven reverb modes on offer include Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring, and Mod. Each reverb links to its LED on the side. 

The compact R7 Reverb carries five knobs: LC and HC control a low- and high-cut respectively, Decay sets how fast the effect fades, Level manages the overall volume of the reverb trail, while Pre-DLY controls the amount of the pre-delay of the reverb. While the unit is not a true bypass, trails can still optionally continue after disengaging the effect.

In addition to the five dials, the R7 Reverb features a Save button that records the present position of the knobs into the stompbox, recalled when the player chooses the reverb mode again.

The R7 Reverb retails for a wallet-friendly $99. Hear it in action with the demo video or find out more over at the Mooer website. 

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