Dunlop Unveils the Custom Badass Dual-Inductor Cry Baby Leave a comment

Dunlop has introduced a new wah pedal that comes with two distinct voices—the Custom Badass Dual-Inductor Cry Baby.

Per Dunlop, “This limited edition Cry Baby Wah brings together the two most iconic wah voices in history via the Halo™ Inductor and the red Fasel® Inductor for a broad and dynamic palette to expand your musical expression.”

The Fasel Inductor dishes out a more contemporary voice with a vibrant tonal style, which Dunlop claims fits higher-gain sounds better than its Halo counterpart. Even better, its brighter character means it can slice through a busier mix.

Meanwhile, the Halo Inductor is voiced after the “soul-stirring” wah tones popularized by classic British blues records. It features a “throaty,” harmonically saturated midrange. As Dunlop puts into words, “Choose the Halo Inductor to add richness and punch to your lead tones.”

Other controls include a “kickswitch” to select between the two inductors, as well as independent “toe-down” frequency controls for each. You can find these dials, which set how far the wah’s sweep reaches, under different-colored LEDs that allow for checking which voice is active at a glance. The unit also consists of two more LED indicators on the bottom that show the selected inductor and bypass state.

The Custom Badass Dual-Inductor Cry Baby retails for $199. Learn more at

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