Pro Co Crams a Distortion Classic in the Lil Rat Leave a comment

Pro Co has unveiled a more compact take on its classic Rat distortion stompbox, the Lil Rat, which fits into a pedalboard space only a couple of inches wide.

The smallest Pro Co Rat yet takes after the Rat 2 tone. According to Pro Co, the Lil Rat offers the same components in a pedalboard-friendlier chassis. Controls are also identical, with Distortion, Filter, and Volume dials for managing the clipping amount, high-end content, and output level, respectively.

Boasting a versatile sound, you can find Rat and Rat-esque tones in every corner of the guitar realm. At lower gain levels, it dishes out an open, overdrive-like character, while at higher levels, your guitar goes into all-out distortion and, eventually, fuzz-style.

Launched in 1978, the original Rat has lived in various forms. Current production models include the Rat 2, Fat Rat, Turbo Rat, and You Dirty Rat. Except for the new Lil Rat, one thing that has been uniform across all the Rats is the size. Despite most sporting only a three-knob layout, Rats are often bigger than many pedals.

Pro Co has yet to list the Lil Rat and announce pricing information. Check out the official introduction video below to hear a side-by-side comparison of the Lil Rat and the Rat 2.

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