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Known for creating some of the most iconic musical effects, Electro-Harmonix has unveiled two new pedals this month—the Bass9 Bass Machine and the MOD 11 Modulator.

The Bass9 Bass Machine is designed to transform a guitar into nine distinct basses—Precision, Longhorn, Fretless, Synth, Virtual, Bowed, Split Bass, 3:03, and Flip-flop. It requires no MIDI connections, special pickups, or instrument modifications. It carries two control knobs for tweaking the parameters in each bass modes as well as two volume knobs for the effect and dry signal.

The Bass9 leverages the same technology powering other EHX 9 Series pedals, including the award-winning MEL9 Tape Replay Machine, and incorporates an algorithm optimized for transposing up to two octaves down with supreme dynamics and tracking.

Electro-Harmonix crammed 11 distinct modulation effects, ranging from classic to exotic, and advanced functionality into the portable MOD 11 Modulator. The modulation types include TREM, HARM, VIBR, UNI, CHORUS, ROTARY, FLANGE, TZF, PHASE, PITCH, and FILT.

The MOD 11 is crafted to be easy to use for those seeking quick, plug-and-play ability. To give users more control over its effects, it features a Tap Tempo controllable through the inbuilt footswitch or an external one, as well as Momentary Mode that allows them to conveniently switch in/out of effects mode for instant accents.

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