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Mr Black has announced the arrival of the latest stompbox to join its growing family of mini effects pedals, the Mini Octaves.

This ultra-compact polyphonic pitch-transposer is capable of shifting a signal up and down an octave. The Mini Octaves also applies a vibrato on the processed signal to provide a “subtle and gentle flutter.”

The Mini Octaves features a simple three-knob layout that lets users easily dial in the original voice as well as two other voices. It consists of intuitive Root (original signal level), Sub (low octave level), and Upper (high octave level) knobs.

High-noon on the Upper, Sub, and Root controls delivers unity gain while turning at full clockwise gives a handy +3dB boost, and a full counter-clockwise rotation removes the signal from the mix.

Similar to Mr Black’s other mini pedals, the Mini Octaves is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon employing only premium parts for durability and superior tone. It comes in a 1.85” wide by 3.7” long enclosure that will not consume much pedalboard real estate nor will it take a lot of time to understand.

For its size, the Mini Octaves delivers a lot of functionality. It is now available for pre-order at $99 from Mr Black Pedals.

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