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Electro-Harmonix has unveiled a feature-laden upgrade to its classic pitch-shifter/harmony stompbox, the Pitch Fork+.

The Pitch Fork+ boasts a pair of independent pitch-shifting engines, each capable of raising or lowering signals by three octaves as well as detuning upwards or downwards by 99 cents.

Besides the Dry input level dial, the Pitch Fork+ carries volume knobs for each pitch-shifting engine. The pedal also sports dual footswitches—a programmable User footswitch and a Bypass footswitch. The former features a dedicated LED and is assignable to different functions, including “muting either Shift voice or jumping to a preset program,” while the latter changes between the effect on and buffered bypass.

Each unit comes preloaded with ten unique presets plus the ability to store up to 100 in total. There are also “eight modes, including X-MOD, which features cross-modulation that creates FM and ring mod type effects, LATCH, based on the original Pitch Fork, but with enhancements to the Momentary mode functionality.”

Other features include Main and Aux outputs with multiple routing options, an EXT input for connecting an external foot controller, and an EXP input for EXP or CV control over various parameters in three sub-menus (Volume, Frequency, and Glissando).

The Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork+ retails for $213.80. Hear it in action below.

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