Big Ear Drops the Albie “Ambient Modulator” Leave a comment

Nashville-headquartered pedal manufacturer Big Ear has released the Albie multi-effects pedal, which it touts as an “ambient modulator.”

The digital stompbox features eight settings that each draws inspiration from “the jangly, shimmering, modulated sounds associated with the new wave and post-punk music of the 70s and 80s.” Every setting is a meticulously curated chain of effects or what Big Ear refers to as a stack.

Control-wise, the Albie consists of two dials: Blend and Effect. The former serves as a wet/dry control, while the latter allows for cycling between chains (stacks). Moreover, the pedal also carries a dual-function footswitch. Step once to engage or bypass the stompbox, or hold it down to unleash a secondary effect setting for every stack.

Per Big Ear, “These extra settings are called the ‘Neil Modes’—named after Neil Graham of Dr. Scientist who programmed the digital code for ALBIE, as well as designed these secondary settings. These modes can also be accessed with latching functionality, meaning they will stay on even after lifting your foot off of the footswitch!”

Sporting an aqua teal chassis plus the brand’s signature large-typographic graphic design style, the Albie ambient modulator lists for $199. Play the official demo below or check out the Big Ear Pedals website for more details.

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