Electro-Harmonix Unveils the Nano-Sized Metal Muff Leave a comment

Electro-Harmonix has unveiled the Nano Metal Muff, a scaled-down variant of its award-winning Metal Muff high-gain distortion pedal.

Sporting the same drive circuit as the classic Metal Muff, this nano edition allows players to enjoy the fan-favorite pedal in a smaller footprint. New to the Nano Metal Muff is an inbuilt noise gate, adjustable using the Gate dial. Perfect for high-gain situations, the gate allows for eliminating unwanted idle hum. The pedal also includes a green LED indicator that shows when it’s engaged.

The rest of the controls are akin to those of the Metal Muff except for the top boost parameter, which has been done away with. Levels are alterable by balancing the volume and distortion control knobs. As for tone-sculpting, the Nano Metal Muff features a tone stack EQ (treble, mid, and bass).

As its name suggests, the Nano Metal Muff is capable of pulling off massive guitar tones. It operates on a 9V battery or 200mA power supply. And as Electro-Harmonix puts into words:

“The EHX Nano Metal Muff was built for the player who demands nothing less than hard-hitting distortion and an intense, aggressive sound. It’s a combination of weaponized distortion and an extremely powerful EQ section that provides all the flexibility and tone-shaping needed to dial in an array of ultra-heavy sounds.”

The Nano Metal Muff carries a street price of $72.70. For a better idea of the pedal’s capacities, watch the demo video below or head over to the Electro-Harmonix website.

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